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I received support from a situation where I couldn’t understand right or left as a project to start a new business in Myanmar was in progress. This company is a Japanese company closely related to Myanmar and I feel that it is a very reliable company.

Sale & Marketing

The quality of the survey was high, and he read ahead and offered suggestions for content that was not well-verified.

T.T photo
T. T.
Product Manager

The report has the information you want in a very easy-to-understand format, and you can move on to the next action smoothly. It will support not only the survey but also the business development, so I would like to take care of you in the future.

Miller, I.
Distribution Manager

Due Diligence

Due diligence is:
This is a survey of assets of targeted companies, real estate and financial products, which are conducted during investment and M&A.

Purpose of due diligence

Due dilligence is done to gain a detailed understanding of the value and potential risks of the targeted company when investing, business transactions, mergers, acquisitions (M&A), etc. are performed. Depending on the targeted company, there are various ways to do this.

Experts will respond

Samuel P. Britton
Lawyer / Myanmar resident (2012-) / Extensive experience in due dilligence and expension of large companies

Corporate and Executive Training

Purpose of corporate and executive training

The main objective is to raise the value of the entire company by training and improving the skills of the core esxecutives of the company.
The required skills differ depending on the position, therefore we will focus on the skills that are useful “now”. However, we aim to improve skills for the future as further growth is also important.

Experts will respond

Kazumori Ra
MBA holder / Fluent in English, Myanmar and Japanese / Professional in corporate training and human resource development


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