Business Matching

Business Matching

Cooperation with local companies is indispensable in the Myanmar business where the influence of horizontal connections is very strong.

FWP Research uses its own network that has been ahieved from the field to search for the best partner company and to support Japanese companies entering Myanmar and contribute to business development.
Candidate business partners will be picked up from the companies we surveyed, so we guarantee that we can propose the highly transparent companies.

We will settle between the parties during the process to smoothly support the contract procedure.

FWP Research surveyed 3,500 local companies. Introducing our business partners from a reliable company list.

Important points for partner companies

We place special criteria in some research when seeking a reliable partners.

  • Managers and management policy
  • Is sales revenue secured?
  • Are your assets and financial status sound?

Above three points will be major factors in determining whether a company can be matched up with a Japanese company.

Why you need a partner company

  • Gain the trust of local companies and end users other than partners
  • Long-term business stability
  • Strengthen management structure
  • Labor cost reduction

Partner satisfaction

Looking for companies that can support the expansion of Myanmar business as much as possible.
85% of customers are satisfied with our partners.

Difference in sales depending on the existence of partners

Companies without partners tend to lose sales in a short period of time.
You can see that partnering with a local company has a significant impact on sales.


It takes about 2 weeks from application to conclusion.
If the company we introduce does not meet your expectations and policies, you will need to re-select from the list, which will require additional time.

We will conduct a detailed hearing in advance.

Hearing contents (example)

  • The field / industry you want to check
  • What businesses are you considering?
  • Which areas are you considering entering?

Please contact us for specific survey costs.

We have over 3500 local companies surveyed.